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Ban Lorries From Park Street

To see if a Full Lorry Ban can be placed in Park Street Village


Bricket Wood Bus Stops

The residents of Bricket Wood urge Hertfordshire County Council and the Highways Authority to give high priority to the much needed upgrade of the bus stops on the A405 North Orbital Road by the Black Boy public house.


Bus Services on Weekends - Welwyn Garden City

Greater number of bus routes to offer a frequent weekend service in and around Welwyn Garden City


Double yellow lines missing

Double yellow lines missing on the corner of Cowley Hill and Palmer Rd.


Install Speed Cameras at Monkswood Way AND Reduce speed from 40 to 30MPH

Install Speed Cameras at Monkswood Way AND Reduce speed from 40 to 30MPH at least up to Mcdonalds


Install traffic signals at the Park Street roundabout


Introduce traffic calming measures in Newgate Street village before there is a child fatality

Newgate Street is in need of additional traffic calming measures which would benefit both local residents and young school children attending Ponsbourne St Mary’s primary school.


Relating to Herts CC proposal for establishing and building a secondary school (or similar) in the Harpenden Education District

Petition to seek public consultation as a result revised site selection criteria are drawn up and a new site selection process re-run to include further consultation so that Community Involvement can be demonstrated to have taken place.


Save Hertfordshire’s badgers from culling

This is a national issue which will be of direct concern to the people of Hertfordshire when DEFRA "rolls out" its culling policy in 2014. The object of the petition is to ensure that Hertfordshire's badger population is as safe as possible from slaughter and that the already available injectable badger vaccine against bTB is used in as many cases as possible. We ask this because we believe the culling policy is inhumane (DEFRA's measurement of "humaneness" is to time the screams of wounded badgers), inefficient (previous culls showed an increase in bTB because of badger movement) and unscientific (the majority of scientific opinion hold that a cull will have "no meaningful result").


Tippendell Lane Speed Restriction

Reduce the number of accidents on Tippendell Lane in St Albans before there is a fatality.


Welwyn Road, Hertford - pedestrian safety

Provide some form of safey for pedestrians needing to cross Welwyn Road to the footpath into Chandlers Way


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